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Dear Marion,  

What a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing your talent and incredible experience with the students. As a seasoned performer, you completely understand the journey ahead for these talented young Australians. The students embraced your one on one sessions and will take your comments and advice with them on the many varied paths they will follow. We would love you to join us again soon, thank you for being such a special member of the TDP family!



Mary Lopez AM
Hon DLitt (UWS), FFCSME, B.Mus.Ed, DSME,  A.Mus.A,

Entertainment Director and Consultant
Talent Director and Educator
CEO Talent Development Project Foundation
ph: 02 9320 4245

andrew bee - producer/director of out there productions

Marion has produced a fantastic resource on DVD for developing singers. I think it is a superb way for young singers to establish good vocal technique when they have no contact with a good teacher….. There is also an online option with skype etc and it is extremely cost effective.

I am looking at using this resource with some of the regional TDP kids….. It is so hard to find them good teachers….. Most people are just teaching repertoire these days and so many of the kids I work with simply sing the wrong way.

I have known Marion’s daughter Diana Rouvas since she was a young lady. She has a superb voice; such control and exceptional skill. One of the finest instruments I have ever heard.

Her technique is flawless and such a large part is due to the training provided by her parents.
Diana’s mother Marion Rouvas has packaged her training into “10 Essential Lessons For Easy Singing” produced by Voiceology Australia.

This program is for singers of all ages, from beginners to professionals who want a foundation for life!
People training under Voiceology will never have to experience hoarse throats, nodules and voice problems of any kind!

This system is most useful for teachers in the Education system who want to help their students, choirs etc to develop their voices using correct breathing techniques and skill, rather than brute force., which seems to be so common amongst the singers of today.

Andrew Bee

E  T  02 9557 1444   F  02 9557 1511  0438 778 417
PO Box 639 Glebe NSW 2037  O  3/10 Cahill St Annandale NSW 2038

more from voiceology students

“I just love Marion to bits! She is always encouraging and her positive attitude helps me look forward to my lesson every week. I sing songs these days that I never could have attempted in years gone by thanks to the 10 Essential Lessons. Thanks Marion!”

— Jane

“Marion saved my voice. I’d sing one song and then couldn’t speak for a week! Through lessons with Marion her technique helped me bring my voice back to make it better than it had ever been. Thanks for everything, Marion.”

— Natalie

“I have been a professional singer for the last 8 years performing in Australia and overseas. Like a lot of singers, I have over the years had various singing teachers and have always in some small way struggled to try and understand certain aspects of what they were teaching which in tern ended up in a lot of confusion and so I would move on.

More recently I underwent vocal surgery and never thought I would get back to where I was before vocally until I found Marion Rouvas and Voiceology.

Marion not only gave me the tools to speed up my recovery, but also the understanding of great vocal technique without all of the confusion. Voice training is her passion and it shows. She not only crafts voices, she also builds confidence which is so important as a singer.

In my opinion there in no better vocal teaching tool on the Market. If your serious about singing then Voiceology is for you.”

— Brendon Hui ..Soulganic